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Cher[redacted] and Gyu[redacted]!? Note aside, the artwork is quite good


So like is this dead?


Sad to hear that the artist decided to pull out of the project. Hope you find another one!

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Where did you hear that, there's nothing on his twitter or any other plattform he's on?


Oops sorry! I meant to post this under his other VN. But anyways here is the link to the tweet.


Oh, isn't that tweet a month old or so? I just hope he's alright cos the whole situation is really weird :(


Yeah it honestly is. I really hope he is okay because its been silent from him for a while.


When is the next update?. 

I'm soo excited😆


Bestie I need more of this

Heard that this was your first fantasy-styled game ? Super excited to try it out!






Okay so the story is good and all, But the tag "Interactive Fiction" implies that there's like... Any interaction besides clicking the one piece of orange text per page.


this was just to set the story, the upcoming chapters will have choices and routes just like with "Horny Chronicles" be sure to come back for future updates <3


maybe im dumb but how am i suppose to play this?


click the orange colored words/phrases


i love it

that's really good to hear, I was very doubtful about sharing this because this was the first time trying to write in the fantasy genre, glad to see it was interesting, make sure to comeback later because I will be updating this more <3

Bestie this is amazing love it 😍

thank youuu I've been a little sick the past week but I still wanted to put out something so I finished this early draft of this new VN and had to share it


First of all, love the game and I already need more of it. However, using sprites/artwork of Housamo characters might not be the best idea. I understand why you would use them as placeholders, they look great, but since they belong to a company/their artists, they shouldn't be used without permission/providing credit. I don't know if you asked or not, and I'm not accusing you of anything. I'm just worried you could get in trouble for it in the future.


yeah it's done, thank you <3

can you add an rollback slide?


once I add more chapters in the future there will be the option to replay a chapter or continue to the next one <3


Playing while having a Class today lmao

lol school first, don't let them catch you playing a gay VN


I love it, so much potencial.

thanks a lot that's what I aimed to achieve with this early version, I'm glad the story is interesting enough, I will be expanding on this and pumping more chapters soon <3


Oh wow  a new visual novel hahah and wow you based the characters from hosamo, it's a little weird that that you model horkuekamui as the protagonists, it would have been better if it's moritake hehehe anyway can't wait to see more of this keep it up man!


oh shit a new one let me get started


can't wait to hear your feedback on this <3

it's so good can't wait for more